VI Plugin Framework

Quickly develop even sophisticated applications.

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No need to reinvent the wheel - start with power and finish with grace

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VI Plugin Framework (often referred to simply as VIPF) is a lightspeed jumpstart for your next application. Quickly create sophisticated data acquisition and instrument control applications using highly configurable plugins, without writing code. Plugins easily share real-time data making the integration of custom interfaces and custom plugins seamless. Plugins have built-in data logging as well as centralized error reporting for easy debugging. Dream big and build with confidence - capabilities that seem months are waiting for your application today.


Powerful out-of-the-box capabilities allow composing sophisticated applications quickly

Sixclear Plugin Framework makes building sophisticated applications fast and easy. Plugins can be anything from an interface for presenting data to a component for acquiring data to a controller which orchestrates application behavior. But VIPF is much more than just a collection of highly configurable plugins. VIPF allows you to create applications (or programs as we often refer to them) by stitching together plugins and deciding how and when they run to meet your application needs. For example, an interface plugin can be simply configured to "subscribe" to data from acquistion plugins. Similarly, a control plugin can also subscribe to this data and use it to actuate the system. Reach out to us for a demonstration today and see how you too can build sophisticated applications in a fraction of the usual time.

Interact With Running Plugins

Interact directly with plugins in real-time.

  • interact with data in graphs and charts
  • acquire data and orchestrate instrumentation
  • view logged data and any errors
  • monitor and control your system

Quickly Create Applications

Even sophisticated applications are quick and easy.

  • add, remove, and configure plugins
  • choose which plugins should run by default
  • choose whether plugins run in parallel or sequentially
  • save the program to run anytime

Configure Plugin Behavior

A rich, full-featured configuration editor ensures success.

  • configure how plugins publish and subscribe to data
  • configure plugin-specific options, panel, and logging
  • built-in hover documentation for all configuration points
  • variables and expressions, ex. @VAR{instanceName}
  • validation checking for both JSON syntax and value ranges
  • dark and light editing modes
  • syntax highlighting
  • zoom
  • code collapse
  • auto-format
  • and more...

Monitor And Control Plugins

Manage all running plugins from a single interface.

  • Shutdown and re-launch plugins
  • Open and close plugin interfaces
  • View running plugin configuration and errors
  • Easily shutdown/restart entire programs (all plugins)

View Running Configuration & Errors

An read-only instance of the editor shows runtime errors in the footer.

  • Preview errors in the list of running plugins
  • Open the Configuration & Errors panel for deeper debug
  • View runtime error history (duplicate errors are collected)
  • View running plugin configuration right in context of errors
  • Clear individual errors when helpful


Our plugin library makes even complex applications easy and elegant

Sixclear Plugin Framework includes many plugins for graphing, charting, data acquisition, instrument control, and more to help build your next application fast. Below is a glance at some of the more popular plugin categories, however if you're working with hardware from a major manufacturer there's a good chance we have you covered. And we build custom plugins all the time, so if you need a custom interface or control plugin we can help with that too. Reach out for a demonstration today to witness the power firsthand.

Data Acquisition

Instrument Control


Data Logging

Motion Control

Vision Applications



Data Analysis

Web Connectivity

Bar Code Scanners

Analog to Digital Converters