Fabriq Platform™

  • Build systems in weeks, not months
  • Securely store and analyze data
  • Control and monitor from your office







Fabriq Platform™ - The Future of Industrial Automation

Fabriq Platform™ is a new systems development platform which reimagines foundational building blocks to dramatically reduce implementation time and complexity. Using a revolutionary new language to compose systems, together with bleeding-edge full-stack web technology, Fabriq Platform enables developing, deploying, and interacting with systems in ways never before possible. Imagine building entire systems in weeks, not months, with modern interfaces streaming real-time and historical system data anywhere you need it. This is Fabriq Platform™ and systems have never been easier to comprehend, develop, and deploy.


Innovation In Every Dimension, Without Compromise

The Fabriq Platform™ technology stack has three key layers which seamlessly communicate: Systems, Interfaces, and Infrastructure. Systems and Interfaces are decoupled (with Interfaces typically in the browser) so that, for example, data can be acquired in one place and visualized in another. Infrastructure is deployed in a Kubernetes cluster, which we'll quickly install and provision if needed. For the first time, Fabriq Platform™ brings together innovations and best of breed solutions for systems, interfaces, and infrastructure - without compromise.


infrastructure (noun) : the underlying foundation which supports the needs and purpose of a system or organization

Infrastructure is the data storage and application services provider. It houses historical data and provides support to running systems and interfaces. Infrastructure responsibilities include databases, static files, interface hosting, and login validation. And the ubiquity of virtualization today allows deployment of these services in just a single click.


system (noun) : a regularly interacting, interdependent, or related collection of components forming a unified whole

Systems are at the heart of Fabriq deployments. They perform tests, monitor environments, control machines, and perform any other logical tasks required by an application. A system comprises one or more communicating components which interact with hardware, store data to infrastructure, and publish data to interfaces. And Fabriq Platform™ makes them easy to compose.


interface (noun) : the place at which independent and often unrelated components meet and communicate with each other

Interfaces are how we interact with systems. They allow us to control running systems and visualize both real-time and historical application data. Interfaces subscribe to published system data, send requests to system components, and interact with data stored in infrastructure. And they should be accessible wherever they are needed within the organization.


Build Beautiful Systems, Incredibly Fast

Fabriq Platform™ is a revolution in systems development and deployment. It's time to build sophisticated systems faster than ever before with smaller engineering teams, more capability, and deeper data insight. We'll help you get up and running quickly, pull in ready-made components for core capabilities, and layer in your custom data model, application logic, and interfaces in fractions of the typical time required.

Install with Confidence

Installation is systematic - we'll conquer it together.

  • custom branding for your organization
  • support included even if IT owns your infrastructure
  • option 1: install on your existing Kubernetes cluster
  • option 2: we'll deploy a Kubernetes cluster for you

Login Securely

Users log in to secure sessions for access and tracking.

  • secure, permissioned access to platform assets
  • saved user sessions to maintain working states
  • operator tracking and results attribution
  • integration with LDAP and other systems

Run Sequences

Run sequences from anywhere within the organization.

  • create custom sequences for tests and procedures
  • kick off sequences and view progress from your office
  • iterate multi-dimensional variables spaces
  • disable entire steps or specific iterations to gap-fill

View Live Reports

Custom reports provide standard presentation and compliance.

  • view live reports from your office
  • link to data management interfaces from results
  • print to PDF for compliance storage
  • seamlessly integrate images or other media

Track Progress with Dashboards

Custom dashboards for visibility and project management.

  • mash up global and individual completion progress
  • track goals with real-time metrics from your office
  • visualize progress with charts and graphs
  • confidently set expectations with live and historical data

Discover Trends with Dashboards

Dashboards can reuse components and integrate new ones.

  • identify issues to improve product lifecycle
  • quickly observe daily progress against completion statistics
  • track robustness with real-time pass and failure plots
  • hover over plots and features to resolve deeper information

Monitor Live Running State

Custom monitoring interfaces surface operational insights.

  • observe environmental conditions from your office
  • track product location and inventory
  • view operator activity and utilization
  • check real-time project activity

Manage Data

Data management interfaces for exploration and access.

  • securely permission and manage user access
  • search for results by keyword
  • sort results multi-dimensionally
  • explore raw data from your office
data management

Model Data

View entity relationship diagrams to comprehend your data model.

  • quickly design queries to fetch any dataset
  • visually review data models for updates and maintenance
  • efficiently establish new hire mental models
  • navigate and explore data relationships
dashboard gif

Query Data

Query any of your data for deep insights.

  • uses read-only permissions for worry-free exploration
  • quickly test queries to fetch any dataset
  • integrate queries directly into interfaces
  • isolate failure points and prevent recalls
dashboard gif

Reuse Components

Our growing component library is included out-of-the-box.

  • instrument components for hundreds of devices
  • interface components for graphing and visualization
  • system components for data management and analysis
  • platform components for sequencing and more


We've conquered challenges in just about every industry.

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