Centralized data services for
industrial automation



How It Works



FABRIQ provides a secure, customizable platform for centralizing your automation data

Automation Data Flows to Infrastructure and Becomes Fully Available to your Organization

Stop operating without centralized data infrastructure

  No More Lost Data
all data generated by automation gets stored, indexed, and backed up
  No More Unanswerable Questions
with your data centrally stored, almost any question is a query away
  No More Going Alone
Sixclear engineers bring a stable platform and the expertise to ensure your projects succeed
  No More Keeping up with the Pace of Technology
adopt current best-practices by building on FABRIQ
  No More Datacenter Lock-in
FABRIQ deploys on industry-standard Kubernetes, making your infrastructure highly portable
  No More Blockers
Sixclear engineers have decades of experience overcoming data challenges, and they're at your service

Centralize your data using a platform designed for industrial automation

  Any Database, Securely Deployed and Maintained
Sixclear engineers take your projects' requirements and deploy the data infrastructure that fits your needs
  Built-in Support for Storing Static Assets
FABRIQ comes ready to store images, videos, etc. at scale, easily linked to data in your databases
  Build on Industry Standards
FABRIQ deploys on Kubernetes, originally open-sourced by Google and now the industry standard infrastructure platform
  Expertise Where You Need It
Data modeling is a nuanced science and art. Augment your team with Sixclear engineers who bring the experience to implement efficiently
  Security Built-in
security has been designed into every component of FABRIQ. Breathe easy knowing your data is secure.
  Dashboards & Reports are Easily Deployed
create any visualizations your team needs using the FABRIQ web interfaces features

How It Works

FABRIQ fits the needs of your organization's data

Step 1: Deploy Where You Need It

Sixclear engineers deploy your customized infrastructure directly to the public cloud or work with your IT organization to deploy on internal infrastructure

Step 2: Configure Your Data Storage with Sixclear's Help

Work in sync with Sixclear engineers to define and evolve the data model that matches your organization's needs

Step 3: Understand Your Data With Queries, Reports and Dashboards

Build and maintain all the visualizations needed to maximize the value of your centralized data


Tons of features to meet your data centralization needs

Turnkey Data Warehousing

Get your data into any database

  • built in support for BigQuery, one of the leading big data cloud platforms
  • built in support for PostgreSQL, the most advanced open source database
  • built in support for binary storage for assets like images, videos, etc
  • Automatic backups
  • built-in support for data migrations
  • built-in security

Deep Queryability


Query to discover infinite insights from your data

  • securely query directly from the web browser
  • save queries to share with your team
  • use saved queries directly in visualizations

Visualizations Viewable from Anywhere


Deploy visualizations, as reports, dashboards, etc. with ease

  • create visualizations using an easy-to-use framework
  • use saved queries to feed directly into your visualizations
  • all visualizations become available behind user login
  • maintain visualizations with your team, with out-of-the-box content sharing

Security First


All data access controlled by secure user management

  • customize login with your organization's branding
  • set fine-grained user permissions to ensure access is controlled top-down
  • access data over secure APIs when programmatic access is needed

Extensible and Customizable

Compose existing microservices or create your own

  • capabilities deploy as interoperable microservices, allowing for easy plug-and-play
  • the standard set of FABRIQ microservices provide foundation for any custom microservices
  • any tool or programming language can be deployed, depending on your team's needs

Centralize your industrial automation data with FABRIQ