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Accelerating Progress

Accelerating progress by simplifying complexity

Why do we humans endeavor to make progress? Somehow the human spirit compels us to push forward, curiosity drives us to learn, and mysteries captivate our imagination. It is with this spirit that Sixclear endeavors to help the human race indulge our curiosities and even solve the universe's deepest mysteries. But to do so we must build systems with emergent complexity well beyond even our most sophisticated systems to date. Well, we know from Wolfram and others that arbitrarily complex behavior can emerge in systems which have very simple definitions. While such underlying simplicity is often evasive, let's observe that all systems are composed of 3 simple notions: Data, Transformation of Data, and Transfer of Data. This fairly obvious truth about systems hints at an underlying unification for describing any system's behavior, regardless of how complex it may seem. Enter Sixclear Fabriq Platform™.


Systems Unification

Systems Unification with Fabriq Platform™

Sixclear Fabriq Platform™ vastly simplifies complex systems development by pairing a revolutionary new language with the latest web technologies. Finally, conquering systems of any size is natural and elegant owing to simple universal programming semantics, connected data, and beautiful distributed interfaces. Even small teams can now tackle incredible challenges while saving time, money, and ultimately pushing the human race forward both technologically and scientifically. The next generation of systems development is upon us. Let's build systems that were never before possible and help change the world together.
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