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Accelerating Progress

Accelerating progress by simplifying complexity

Why do we humans endeavor to make progress? Somehow the human spirit compels us to push forward, curiosity drives us to learn, and mysteries captivate our imagination. It is with this spirit that Sixclear endeavors to help the human race indulge our curiosities and even solve the universe's deepest mysteries. From its inception, Sixclear has been engaged in the lab and on the production line solving complex challenges. Pulled from over a decade of learnings and insight, Sixclear has developed a streamlined suite of solutions that are enabling new science and helping bring new solutions to the market.


The Full Solution

Development Tools, Hardware Solutions, and Infrastructure Platforms that Seamlessly Integrate

Much of the complexity in industrial automation projects comes from the breadth of features required across edge and cloud environments. Sixclear has innovated across these dimensions during its lifetime, and our engineers have integrated their insights into 3 foundational products:

JADE is a better way to quickly build custom applications using highly configurable, communicating plugins - without writing code.

GIOTA is a high-performance, single-board computer running JADE on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

FABRIQ provides a secure, customizable platform for centralizing your automation data

At Sixclear we want to make real progress. With the tools we bring to industry we help organizations overcome the friction across the hardware and software stacks to focus on their innovation. Please reach out at engineering@sixclear.com to explore how Sixclear can unlock the full potential of your organization's innovations.